International guide for buying and about shipping in English.

Since 2017 we offer shipping of all our products worldwide and as the page is still in Slovene language, we have prepared some guidelines we hope you will find useful. Slovene words from web page are written in parenthesis italic (like this). We also kindly answer questions and accept orders by email.


Our product line is divided into notebook-like products under name Woody Notes, and fashion accessories by the name Woody Accessories.

All wooden parts of our products are made from american walnut plywood we produce ourself. After cutting plywood, pieces are hand-brushed and coated with environment-friendly organic oil. Because of the use of natural material, color and structural deviations may occur. Each piece and final product is manually inspected for quality assurance.

Woody Notes: Beležke (notebooks)

We offer notebooks (beležke) in two sizes (format beležke), written in milimeters next to options: A5 and small (mala), and in many different colors of rubber band (barva elastike) you can choose from.

Paper inside notebooks has horizontal lines and it is therefore intended for writing, making lists and drawing. We have made some sample designs of front cover (patterns, words etc.), but you can write and send us your text or graphic we would engrave for you. For simple graphic price stays the same.

Woody Notes: Skicirka (sketchbook)

Our next product is sketchbook (skicirka). It is like our notebook, but the paper inside is plain (no stripes) and wire binding is located on the shorter edge. Custom text or simple graphic on front cover is also included in the price. By default we engrave word SKETCHBOOK.

Woody Notes: Planer (planner)

Planner (planer) is a notebook with printed calendar layout. Look at the provided pictures. You can select: font on front cover (pisava na platnici), graphics inside (motiv listov) and color of rubber band. Customization of front cover is also available. By default we engrave calendar year, eg. 2017, but if you want custom text select Name 2017.

Woody Accessories: Metuljčki (bow ties)

Each bow tie (metuljček) is available in one of 6 fabric color (vzorec blaga) you can choose from.

Each bow tie tie comes packaged as a gift in a recycled hardpaper case, see pictures.

Woody Accessories: Viseči uhani (earrings)

Earrings (uhani) are sold in pairs and are available in one, two or three sizes, depending on chosen model. Sizes (velikost) are small (manjši), medium (srednji) and large (večji). Exact dimensions are written in product description. If earring has a shape of a circle, a diameter is given. For example: Večji imajo premer 48 mm, manjši pa 38 mm. Without knowledge of a language you can figure out that bigger is 48 mm in diameter and smaller 38 mm. If earring has different shape, a smallest box that earring fits in is given. For example: Večji so 31 mm široki in 48 mm visoki, manjši pa 25 mm široki in 39 mm visoki. Bigger (večji) are 31 mm wide (široki) and 48 mm long (visoki).

You can choose hook (tip kaveljčka) made from antique copper (bakreni) or surgical stainless steel (kirurško jeklo). Metal is nickel-free and wooden part is 3 mm thick. Each pair comes in recycled hardpaper case.

Earrings have SKU: WA-VU-XXXX-Y-ZZ, where XXXX is the name, Y the size: S, M, L (if available) and ZZ hook type: CU – copper, SS – stainless steel.

Woody Accessories: Mini uhani

These are stud earrings (in ear earrings) and currently available only with antique copper mount. Diameter is given in product description. Each pair comes in recycled hardpaper case.

Woody Accessories: Ogrlice (necklaces)

We have divided our necklaces into two categories: graphical necklaces and necklaces with words. Lace metal is nickel-free antic copper. Each necklace is packaged as a gift in a in recycled hardpaper case.

Graphical necklaces, also necklaces with pattern, are available in one or two sizes, depending on chosen model. Sizes (velikost ogrlice) are small (manjša) and large (večja). Dimensions are given in product desciption. Length of the metal lace is also written in the desciption (celotna ogrlica je dolžine NN cm).

We have some predesigned necklaces with words, but you can create your own by selecting Name necklace. Below Name necklace product description is a textbox (Napis, ki ga želite imeti na ogrlici), where you put your word (or words), and then click button on far right (Shrani) to store the entry. Your words should appear among product in your shopping cart. Note that end letters of words will hold together on a finished product and longer words will be curved. Have a look at predesigned samples.

Furthermore, for necklaces with words you can choose number of laces around neck (število verižic): 1 or 3.

Ordering and creating the account

Products from your cart could be ordered in our 5-step process or by an email, where you provide all options that are available for product, e.g. size, length, color etc. Final price (Cena skupaj) is in EUR (euro) and includes VAT.

In second step you must register yourself by entering your email address (Naslov elektronske pošte). Then, we need your name (ime), surname (priimek) and desired password (geslo) for our shop.

In third step you must provide your address (naslov), postal number (poštna številka), city (mesto), country (država) and one telephone number (mobilni telefon). Telephone number might be shared with courier. Before you countinue to 4rd step, you can enter message for us about wishes, delivery etc.

Then you select courier and accept our terms by checking the box. Terms are simple: Because of plywood each product will be unique. Your data, e,g. address, must be correct and you are aware of purchasing. We will not share any data to anyone else, except to courier for delivery purposes of course, and we are willing to resolve any issues.

In last, 5th step you see your final price and select payment method: bank wire (plačilo z bančnim nakazilom) or Paypal. Please do not select second option (plačilo po povzetju) since this is not possible for international shipping and your order will not be further processed.


We support Paypal and bank wire transfer. Payments with Paypal are processed immediately; bank transfer clearance could take some time. In Euro zone you can simply use SEPA transfer.


We ship in stock products, i.e. without customizations, in 24 hours; usually the same day if order is placed by 15. hour UTC. Out-of-stock products and product with customization are ready in 2 days.

Shipping world wide at flat rate: 3.6 EUR by Pošta Slovenije. Tracking is available.

Estimated delivery for all EU countries is 3–5 business days, and for non-EU countries 7–14 business days. Customs fee may apply.